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Please complete the form below to provide us with information about your act for our website. Please read the instructions for each section carefully before filling them out.

Please note that we may edit the information you provide if we think it will improve the chances of us finding you work.

A quick note on video quality. Unfortunately, we can not accept videos of your act recorded on a mobile telephone, we think this presents an amateur rather than professional feel to your page which also reflects on us as an agency.

If you do not have a professional video of your act simply provide us with a couple of mp3 demos for your profile for now. We may then talk to you about having a professional showreel produced for your act.

Please note that the fields marked with an asterisk are required.


  • Photos

  • Upload up to three photos here. At least ONE is required it can be a photo of you or your poster. Please note we are after your pro work photos here, not a photo of you with your budgie 😛

    ORIGINAL PHOTOS PLEASE NOT ONES SAVED FROM FACEBOOK. Facebook compress all images heavily which can kill their quality.

    Only jpg, gif or png files are allowed.
  • Demo Mp3s

  • In this section you can upload mp3 demos of your act.

    Please upload up to two Mp3 files of your act here if you have them. For vocalists, duos, bands we suggest one ballad and one fast song. For comedy acts perhaps a comedy song or a short stand up recording.

    Only MP3 files will be allowed to be uploaded.
  • Video Demo / Showreel

  • Please enter the URL to a Youtube or Vimeo video of your act.

    Please note we do require quality video not just mobile phone footage.
  • Other Profile Info

  • The next sections are what we will publish on the site about you (may be edited by Jane or John) please complete all these fields.

    Help Filling out act description.

    This needs to be a paragraph no more than 100 words about what you have to offer. Please write it third party as if you were someone else describing your show as clearly and concisely as possible.

    Include any experience you have had. Perhaps you have done a lot of weddings, worked abroad in different countries, list them. maybe you have done a few summer seaons in holiday parks list them. In the past you may have been in a group or duo include it.

    Add how long you have been a professional act.

    Include what your act is IE Performs chart hits from the 60's to the 80's.

    The website is going to be aimed mainly at the corporate market (Holiday parks, events etc) so leave out fluff and promotional speak like "Sure to get your audience jumping"

    In a word tell us what you do and what experience you have.
  • Please tick all the show lengths that you can offer.
  • Please tick all that apply to you or your act
  • Please be patient when you click submit. remember this page has to upload your images and mp3's to be processed. Please do not refresh the page or press back until you see a success message.